Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introducing GARY "EL BOY" DEOCAMPO - LATIN HORROR's New Team Member

Dear LATIN HORRORphiles:

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the latest addition to the LATIN HORROR team, GARY "El Boy" DEOCAMPO.

A life-long horror fan, Gary will cover the horror film festival, horror convention, and comic con circuits for LATIN HORROR, providing insightful profiles & reviews with his own original tongue-in-cheek, macabre, fan-boy style. Gary is part of our concerted effort of growing the LH team and expanding our reach to better serve the community - and niche - we are slowly but surely building. We are extremely exited about this small but significant step forward and promise many more surprises in the months and years to follow.

And, NO, this WILL NOT be just another boy's club -- the "horror feminine/fan-girl" point-of-view will play a major role at LATIN HORROR (look for our next announcement, coming shortly).

You can read Gary's full bio at --

AND, please take a moment and help us welcome Gary aboard the LATIN HORROR staff by sending him your regards directly at : (and remember, be kind, Gary may be reviewing your next horror film!):

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There will be SANGRE!

Edwin Pagan

"The Official Publication of Latin Horrorphiles Everywhere"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There Will Be SANGRE @ the 2009 New York International Latino Film Festival


Dir. Claus Groten | A woman guards a junkyard trailer loaded with medical supplies. A young boy, begging for food, breaks into her encampment, but she forces him back out into the terrifying world beyond. Then she realizes the mistake she's made. 15 min.

Thu, Jul 30 @ 5:00 PM

Sat, Aug 01 @ 2:00PM

SVA Theater - Screen 1

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Marco Aguilar | A young couple attempting to survive a zombie outbreak, decide to travel by river to safety. But they soon learn that traveling by river has its perils and sometimes zombies aren't the only thing you have to worry about. 14 min.

Thu, Jul 30 @ 10:00 PM

SVA Theater - Screen 2

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Dir. Israel Luna | A second-rate film crew sets out to shoot the third in a trilogy of cheesy, tasteless horror movies. The schmuck-of-a-director maintains an active casting couch, the spineless producer never gets his due credit, the supporting actress keeps pouting that she should be the lead, and the rest of the crew is secretly making plans to shoot their own movies. On-the-set shenanigans turn scary when cast and crew members turn up as brutally murdered corpses...and everyone realizes they’re in a real-life horror movie. 103 min.

Fri, Jul 31 @ 10:30 PM

SVA Theater - Screen 2

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Dir. Samuel Benavides | In another realm, a creature exists in a horrific place known as "Mansfield Path." His only purpose and sole job is to extract, protect and then bury the souls of the dying. It is here where the evil souls are to be brought in and buried for eternity. 40 min.

Thu, Jul 30 @ 10:00 PM

SVA Theater - Screen 2

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Dir. Phil Roc | Backed by beats from DJ JUDAH, rising hip hop star SHIVA dominates the NYC freestyle scene, driving his nemesis (fading diva HEAVEN) into a competitive fury. After an MC battle, Heaven’s hype man is devoured by a shadowy figure. As more killings occur, a sinister climax with Heaven nears. Judah is forced to ask: are Shiva’s cannibalistic lyrics just an act… or is he really a serial killer? 22 min.

Sun, Aug 02 @ 5:15 PM

SVA Theater - Screen 1

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