Thursday, March 10, 2011


SHRINK OF THE DEAD: Renowned professor's novel approaches Zombies from the shocking point-of-view of science and probability.

A new book about to hit bookstores on March 25th, 'The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse,' takes a scientifically- and medically-grounded look at the neuropsychology of zombies. So it appears that there is a practical reason why the walking dead thirst for "BRAINS!" after all.

Penned by Dr. Steven C. Schlozman, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School -- and an all-around zombie enthusiast --the book takes a unique look at zombies through the lens of reality and medical science, thus turning it into an immediately frightening experience since alas our final emotional defense mechanism -- "This isn't real" -- is completely stripped away from our arsenal at the outset; the makings for both a compelling premise and intriguingly gory read.

Today we have a fun and informative book teaser that sets the working parameters of the mythology that is sure to send a cold chill up your spine (that is unless the living dead haven't already removed it for use as a sippy-straw). The teaser was shot by New York-based filmmaker Hugo Pérez.

On March 25th, LATIN HORROR will bring you a full book review of 'Zombie Autopsies,' the book's exciting full trailer, and comprehensive interviews with both Dr. Schlozmanand and Hugo Pérez.

Zombie Autopsies is published by Grand Central Publishing and will have a retail price of $19.99.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Joseph D. Peters Joins LATIN HORROR Writing Staff

Dear LATIN HORRORphiles:

As you may already know, I was busy in pre-production and production on the short, indie horror film, The Talisman, written by short horror film guru Drew Daywalt, and directed and photographed by yours truly. And while the experience of working on my first narrative film as a director after so many years of working as a cinematographer on the creations of others was an amazing experience, I also felt that LATIN HORROR was somewhat neglected over that same period. SO, I wanted to personally vow to all our subscribers with a public pledge to re-double our efforts in bringing you the best content from both the genre of Latin horror and world of horror as a whole, as well as one-on-one, in-depth interviews with the horror projects and creators you wish to know more about. And boy do we have some horrific line-ups in the queue in store for you!

As part of that effort, we will be partnering and collaborating with the other sister purveyors of horror -- not competing -- to share resources while developing exclusive, co-produced content that we hope will inspire other such partnerships in the industry. And so today, we offer our first announcement in ensuring that you -- the Latin horrorphile -- continue to get front-line news on what's taking place not only on our own shores regionally, but within the entire universe of horror as a whole. So -

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Joseph D. Peters, who officially joins us today and will cover the horror scene in South and Central America via his LATIN HORROR column 'HORROR DOWN SOUTH.' But don't be fooled by the qualification, Joseph is no stranger to LATIN HORROR as he's been a major silent contributor to our revolution for the past two years, providing leads to hundreds of news stories and items of interest related to horror, and specifically genre developments taking place in the original Americas, including an overall look at some of the emerging horror talent coming out of Argentina last October. It was a natural progression (but what took me so long) that I approach him and offer him a writing post proper. And so here we are...

Look out for his many ongoing contributions in the months and years to follow, along with his fellow LH staff, Gary Deocampo and Irene Villalobos.

And be on the look out for two additional contributors joining our ranks soon! As always...

'There will be SANGRE!'