Saturday, May 15, 2010

MIEDO Digest - May 15, 2010 | LATIN HORROR

LATIN HORROR's "MIEDO Digest" for May 15, 2010. A wealth of Horrific information -

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FRIGHT ON DEMAND: FANGORIA Enters DVD, VOD, & Digital Download Market.

Long-time horror staple FANGORIA announced today that it has teamed up with multi-faceted distributor Lightning Media to launch a new film distribution entity named "FANGORIA FrightFest," and plans to release eight horror feature films under the banner via a wide-ranging DVD, VOD and digital download deal, with fans additionally choosing one of the selected films for a theatrical distribution run.

Listed among the eight releases are two Latin horror titles: FRAGILE (finally!) from REC and REC 2 helmer Jaume Balagueró (word is there will be a third in that series - 'Rec Apocalypse,' but I digress), and 'THE HAUNTING,' which is fronted by Elio Quiroga. Both directors hail from Spain, a treasure trove of great horror films the last decade.

A similar deal was announced recently between After Dark Films, Lionsgate, and Syfy under the 'After Dark Originals' moniker (read 'ADF Ties Not With Lionsgate & Syfy'). Unfortunately, After Dark Films has yet to include a Latin director and/or film among its '8 Films To Die For' anthologies (out of 32 films over 4 years). In the case of both these offerings, however, many of the films picked up have been twisting in the wind for some time. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing for us horror fans - just ask the filmmakers whose films have been chosen:

“Having a contest to win a theatrical release is a great idea. Not only will it create some buzz around the sweepstakes, but it will support a film that might not otherwise receive a theatrical release during a time where very few independent films are getting a shot at one. Unless you have tons of money to throw at marketing these days--which nobody does--it’s important to think outside the box when trying to get a film in theaters, and that’s what Lightning Media and FANGORIA are doing.” —Jim Isaac, director, PIG HUNT

The website officially launched today -
At the time of this posting only a static splash page was still in place.

Jaume Balagueró's FRAGILE. Photo courtesy of FANGORIA.

Starting on June 22nd, and continuing through July 19th, horror fans will be able to vote and ultimately have a say in which film will get a theatrical release in late July. According to Fangoria's release, voting participants will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes and stand a chance of winning a free trip to Las Vegas, as well as other goodies. The site also plans to preview film trailers and other special features.

Aside from its magazine and website to fuel buzz for the project, Fangoria is planning a free "On Demand" broadcast entitled 8 FANGORIA FRIGHTS on several major cable networks, including Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon FIOS to preview exclusive clips, featurettes, and director profiles. The half-hour program will be hosted by the stunning Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever).

Quotes from the announcement (source: Fangoria, via website):

"FANGORIA, both the magazine and on the web, is the leading resource for fans looking for a range of horror film styles. We are excited to be able to team with Lightning Media to bring to the marketplace more of what we hear an array of fans--people from diverse demographics with divergent tastes--are asking to see. And that’s top-quality production values, outstanding star power and variety of choice." —Thomas DeFeo, president , FANGORIA Entertainment

"The FANGORIA FrightFest lineup represents a diversified lineup of quality genre entertainment, ranging from supernatural chillers to psychological horror and slasher flicks. We want to embrace horror fans of every demographic. And Lightning Media wants to offer producers an alternative, multi-platform delivery system that provides greater awareness and accessibility to reach their audiences.” —Rich Goldberg, co-president, Lightning Entertainment Group

Among the films whose 'theatrcial' fate will rest in your hands are:


Fangoria notes that a comprehensive announcement outlining their DVD, VOD and digital download release strategy will be made public shortly. LATIN HORROR will bring you that info as soon as it's available.

For more info, visit the project's official website:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Steve Villeneuve's UNDER THE SCARES

FRIGHT IS RIGHT: Doc Disects the Industry's Scare Factor.

This documentary primarily aims at understanding the process involved in the making of an independent horror film and this odd industry. Many aspects are discussed by the numerous horror personalities interviewed: new video technologies and the impact it has on the marketplace; how inexperience often results in a loss of 90% of the funds invested; the need for discoverying a good story; the actor's point of view, among others.

If you're an emerging horrorphile looking to gain added knowledge about how the horror filmmaking industry works - or if you're simply a maggoty fan of the genre - you don't want to miss this documentary! — LATIN HORROR

Watch the documentary's teaser trailer -