Thursday, December 30, 2010

Casting: THE TALISMAN - Written by Drew Daywalt, Directed by Edwin Pagán

CASTING NOTICE: LATIN HORROR and LA SAYONA PRODUCTIONS are currently casting for principal actors for THE TALISMAN, a horror film written by short horror film master Drew Daywalt and directed by Edwin Pagán

A nomadic drifter is contracted by a hideous creature to deliver a sacred key - The Talisman - to an abandoned warehouse where he encounters an eternal, evil force that reveals his fateful destiny.



SAG Signatory-Pending Project.


ED: Mid-20's, 30’s. A handsomely rugged, rocker type. A silent charmer with eyes that belie his fierce killer instincts.

CREATURE: A dark figure underneath a dark hood. A hideous, unspeakable abomination of a face with unblinking [dead] eyes. Will undergo extensive special effects makeup.

OLD WOMAN: 50s, 60s. Exotic features, Latin or Gypsy-like in appearance. Will undergo extensive special effects makeup in the realm of the film "Drag Me To Hell." Innate foreign accent or ability to convincingly execute one a plus.

Working from a screenplay written by cult, short horror film master
Drew Daywalt.

Directed by
Edwin Pagán. Produced by Leonardo Rodriguez and Edwin Pagán.

Submit headshot and resume to:

Shooting dates: weekend of February 5th OR February 12th (Saturday and Sunday) and potentially the following Monday after selected weekend.

Casting Date: Friday January 14th, starting at 1:00pm. Script sides and casting location provided to talent selected to audition.

Shooting Location: New York City.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOS OJOS DE JULIA (Julia's Eyes) Trailer & One-sheet

EXCLUSIVE First Look - Guillermo Del Toro's 'LOS OJOS DE JULIA' (Julia's Eyes): New Poster and Universal Trailer!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Photos from the NYC premiere of George A. Romero's 'SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD' -

I don't think a true horror fan could have spent a better spring Sunday afternoon than to have been in the presense of the creator and king of the Zombie genre - George A. Romero - while surrorunded by 200+ rotten Zombies! One thing, however, did manage to make it better still: it was all FREE!

Read Full Story -

Saturday, May 15, 2010

MIEDO Digest - May 15, 2010 | LATIN HORROR

LATIN HORROR's "MIEDO Digest" for May 15, 2010. A wealth of Horrific information -

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FRIGHT ON DEMAND: FANGORIA Enters DVD, VOD, & Digital Download Market.

Long-time horror staple FANGORIA announced today that it has teamed up with multi-faceted distributor Lightning Media to launch a new film distribution entity named "FANGORIA FrightFest," and plans to release eight horror feature films under the banner via a wide-ranging DVD, VOD and digital download deal, with fans additionally choosing one of the selected films for a theatrical distribution run.

Listed among the eight releases are two Latin horror titles: FRAGILE (finally!) from REC and REC 2 helmer Jaume Balagueró (word is there will be a third in that series - 'Rec Apocalypse,' but I digress), and 'THE HAUNTING,' which is fronted by Elio Quiroga. Both directors hail from Spain, a treasure trove of great horror films the last decade.

A similar deal was announced recently between After Dark Films, Lionsgate, and Syfy under the 'After Dark Originals' moniker (read 'ADF Ties Not With Lionsgate & Syfy'). Unfortunately, After Dark Films has yet to include a Latin director and/or film among its '8 Films To Die For' anthologies (out of 32 films over 4 years). In the case of both these offerings, however, many of the films picked up have been twisting in the wind for some time. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing for us horror fans - just ask the filmmakers whose films have been chosen:

“Having a contest to win a theatrical release is a great idea. Not only will it create some buzz around the sweepstakes, but it will support a film that might not otherwise receive a theatrical release during a time where very few independent films are getting a shot at one. Unless you have tons of money to throw at marketing these days--which nobody does--it’s important to think outside the box when trying to get a film in theaters, and that’s what Lightning Media and FANGORIA are doing.” —Jim Isaac, director, PIG HUNT

The website officially launched today -
At the time of this posting only a static splash page was still in place.

Jaume Balagueró's FRAGILE. Photo courtesy of FANGORIA.

Starting on June 22nd, and continuing through July 19th, horror fans will be able to vote and ultimately have a say in which film will get a theatrical release in late July. According to Fangoria's release, voting participants will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes and stand a chance of winning a free trip to Las Vegas, as well as other goodies. The site also plans to preview film trailers and other special features.

Aside from its magazine and website to fuel buzz for the project, Fangoria is planning a free "On Demand" broadcast entitled 8 FANGORIA FRIGHTS on several major cable networks, including Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon FIOS to preview exclusive clips, featurettes, and director profiles. The half-hour program will be hosted by the stunning Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever).

Quotes from the announcement (source: Fangoria, via website):

"FANGORIA, both the magazine and on the web, is the leading resource for fans looking for a range of horror film styles. We are excited to be able to team with Lightning Media to bring to the marketplace more of what we hear an array of fans--people from diverse demographics with divergent tastes--are asking to see. And that’s top-quality production values, outstanding star power and variety of choice." —Thomas DeFeo, president , FANGORIA Entertainment

"The FANGORIA FrightFest lineup represents a diversified lineup of quality genre entertainment, ranging from supernatural chillers to psychological horror and slasher flicks. We want to embrace horror fans of every demographic. And Lightning Media wants to offer producers an alternative, multi-platform delivery system that provides greater awareness and accessibility to reach their audiences.” —Rich Goldberg, co-president, Lightning Entertainment Group

Among the films whose 'theatrcial' fate will rest in your hands are:


Fangoria notes that a comprehensive announcement outlining their DVD, VOD and digital download release strategy will be made public shortly. LATIN HORROR will bring you that info as soon as it's available.

For more info, visit the project's official website:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Steve Villeneuve's UNDER THE SCARES

FRIGHT IS RIGHT: Doc Disects the Industry's Scare Factor.

This documentary primarily aims at understanding the process involved in the making of an independent horror film and this odd industry. Many aspects are discussed by the numerous horror personalities interviewed: new video technologies and the impact it has on the marketplace; how inexperience often results in a loss of 90% of the funds invested; the need for discoverying a good story; the actor's point of view, among others.

If you're an emerging horrorphile looking to gain added knowledge about how the horror filmmaking industry works - or if you're simply a maggoty fan of the genre - you don't want to miss this documentary! — LATIN HORROR

Watch the documentary's teaser trailer -

Saturday, May 8, 2010

MIEDO Digest - May 8, 2010 | LATIN HORROR

LATIN HORROR's "MIEDO Digest" for May 8, 2010. A wealth of Horrific information -

Saturday, May 1, 2010

LATIN HORROR's Website Goes DARK in Honor to RUE MORGUE

LATIN HORROR's website goes DARK in honor of the 100th edition of RUE MORGUE's magazine [BLACK 100]:

LATIN HORROR's home is intentionally black and white as a trbute of solidarity to our friends at RUE MORGUE Magazine, who have just reached the amazing milstone of publishing the 100th edition of their publication.

We will remain DARK from May 1st through May 8th.

Congratulations RUE MORGUE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LA CASA MUDA (The Silent House) Speaks Volumes to Horror Fans

The stuff of horror and the conventions filmmakers use to frighten us are nothing new: science has not discovered any new human emotion to tamper with, and the filmmaker's toolbox has contained the same tricks or treats for over a 100 years now (more or less); it's all been done before. But an original story with an approach that speaks to the director's singular vision will always feel fresh and sincere.

First impressions are everything, and judging from the trailer of La Casa Muda (The Silent House), Uruguayan national Gustavo Hernández is set to put that South American region, mostly known for its agriculture, on the international map of horror, as well bring more exposure to the genre of Latin-based horror. Especially since it was announced just yesterday that La Casa Muda was selected to be among the 24 films that will showcase as part of this year's Directors’ Fortnight during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. La Casa is Uruguay's official entry

(not to mention that sci-fi phenom Federico Alvárez will shoot part of the feature-length version of his extremely virulent short Panic Attack! in Uruguay later this year, too)

The story of La Casa Muda centers on a father and daughter team who settle into a dilapidated cottage to begin to make some much-needed repairs. And as an organically built-in metaphor to the director's land-locked country, that is surrounded on three sides by Brazil and Argentina, the protagonists soon find themselves with only one possible way out of their dire dilemma - directly through the unknown evil force that threatens their very existence. The story, we are told, is based on true events that took place in Uruguay in 1944. This detail makes the premise instantly all the more intriguing in The Blair Witch Project kind of way (but hopefully with a genuine payoff). And given what we've seen so far, we think there will be.

La Casa Muda is shot in a single, continuous 78-minute take using a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) Canon's D5—a still camera with the added capacity to shoot full 1080 HD video (part of that 'more or less' equation). The film's look is a marvel given the technology utilized (the D5s were first generation, buggy and tempermental units) and the credit goes to cinematographer Pedro Luque. Producer Gustavo Rojo also needs to be singled out for effectively managing such an enormouse orchastration and coming out the other side with a production as visually rich on only a shoe-string budget: around $6,000!

The film follows in the footsteps of other shake-and-brake films with its use of hand-held camera work (think Cloverfield and District 9). But unlike those nausea-inducing pills that ran amok in their sprawling environments, La Casa is more in line with its Spanish counterpart, REC (with whom it shares a few similarities), bound to close quarters with movement more an innate byproduct of the story than a forced joyride. Kudos go to DP Luque again for striking a visual balance (incidently, it should be noted here that Luque also shot the eye-catching Panic Attack!). Similarly like REC, it is also a first-person point-of-viewer.

But apart from all the semantics, the film's real power lies its ability to take away our safety net by focusing on the true and tried basics of fear without relying on ungrounded gimmicks or CGI. It's hard to do that when the camera doesn't stop rolling. The filmmaker's astutely bill this as "Real fear in real time." What lies in the shadows is as important as what we are allowed to see; the mind fills in the blanks. And we cannot pause, rewind, or make it stop until its final conclusion.

Making us feel powerless in the dark, now that's true horror.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gustavo Hernández has left the building...

Monday, March 22, 2010

There Will Be SANGRE: The Business of Horror

LATIN HORROR, in partnership with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), takes a look at the business of horror with a comprehensive panel that explores the almost limitless opportunities available to HORRORphiles within the genre of fear, including film/TV production, print (magazines, comic books, and graphic novels), music, collectibles & memorabilia, toys & games, among others. Panelists include some of the industry's leading creative entrepreneurs and filmmakers working within various niche horror markets, whose insights will help you take your passion for the macabre and transform it into a viable business venture in one of the most successful genres in entertainment.

The panel will take place as an exclusive part of
NALIP's 11th annual producer/filmmaker conference "NALIP 2010: NAVIGATING IN A SEA OF CHANGE" @ Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, and can only be attended via conference registration. Conference Day Pass Available Here

Co-sponsored by


Edwin Pagán, founder, LATIN HORROR, Filmmaker [moderator]

Edwin Pagán is a filmmaker, cinematographer, screenwriter, photographer, and cultural activist with a rare blend of creative and administrative experience, including over 20 years in community organizing, organizational capacity building and initiative-based/event programming, as well as extensive production experience in the narrative and documentary film sectors. Edwin is the founder-in-chief of LATIN HORROR (, an online niche market website specializing in Latin-influenced horror, and its documentation and promotion as a distinct genre. Currently, he is penning a book entitled MIEDO - The History of Latin Horror, and is an advisory board member of the Hispanic Organization Latino Actors (HOLA).

Gary Deocampo, Staff Writer, LATIN HORROR

Gary "El Boy" Deocampo covers the horror film festival, horror convention, and comic-con circuits for LATIN HORROR, providing insightful profiles & reviews with his own original tongue-in-cheek, macabre, fan-boy style.

Gary was born in the City of Angels and raised on a healthy diet of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Night Gallery, The Hammer Horror Films, and his favorite, Universal Studio's Monster Movies. Presently, his affinity for the horror genre has broadened and spans the globe.

Gary is frequent guest on the Fanboy Confidential podcast, is part of the writing staff of Del Toro Films, and writes and manages his own horror blog, Dark Recess.

Rodrigo Gudiño, Publisher, Rue Morgue Magazine, Filmmaker

Rodrigo Gudiño is a filmmaker and founder and president of Rue Morgue, an independent magazine focusing on horror in culture and entertainment. Currently, he is working on several feature film projects. Rodrigo’s most recent short, The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow, was a 2009 Genie Award nominee, and his film The Demonology of Desire premiered at the 2007 Worldwide Short Film Festival. He oversees the Cinemacabre Movie Nights, a monthly screening of classic and cult horror films in Toronto’s Bloor Cinema, the weekly program Rue Morgue Radio, and the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, Canada’s largest, annual horror convention.

Joe Sena, President, FearWerx

Joe Sena runs SphereWerx, a marketing agency known for its EMCE Toys brand, and, the largest horror ecommerce site. Joe has 21 years of production and marketing experience, including event and video production, product development, strategy and software engineering. Previously, Joe developed affinity programs and merchandise lines for Universal, Paramount and MGM. As Creative Director of Universal Studios New Media in the 1990s, Sena created the Universal Online Horror Channel, and, credited as the first major presence of the horror genre on the internet. Sena also launched the first sites for genre magazines Fangoria and Starlog.

Lotti Pharriss Knowles, VAMPIRE-CON

Lotti Pharriss Knowles is a writer, producer and partner in Weirdsmobile Productions, Inc. Her producing credits include the short films SHADOW.NET (Winner, Best Thriller – Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival) and WEAK SPECIES (Winner, Best Short – FilmOut San Diego and Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival), and the world premiere run of her play BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WORDS. Lotti'’s current producing projects include the horror-comedy feature film CHASTITY BITES, the annual event VAMPIRE-CON, and filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz’s documentary feature ACTIVIST: THE TIMES OF VITO RUSSO (founder of ACT UP and GLAAD). As a horror expert she can be seen on the E! Channel special “Ten Vampires We Love,” and in the upcoming documentary “The 50 Greatest Horror Films You’ve Never Seen.”

Monica Winter Vigil, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

Monica Winter Vigil is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and script consultant. Her short films have played across the Unites States, Europe and South America. Her current short, Not Even Death, (, recently made its European premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival. Her screenplays have earned her many recognitions and placements in screenwriting contests. She has numerous shorts in pre-production and a slew of features in development. Previously, she worked on the daytime drama “The Young and the Restless,” and Nickelodeon’s family series “Rhodes Home.” Monica is the co-founder of the Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition ( and teaches business and marketing at Ashford University.

Pablo Proenza, Filmmaker

Critically acclaimed filmmaker Pablo Proenza broke records for IFC Films with his feature debut 'Dark Mirror', which became their top-selling OnDemand title of all time. Variety compared the supernatural thriller to 'Repulsion' and 'The Others', praising it as a “spooky” and “fascinating spin on the genre.”

Proenza has been receiving rave reviews for his work ever since his break-out film, a short called 'ViDi' which screened at festivals around the world. (“Superbly accomplished. A masterpiece.” - Peter Keough, Boston Phoenix.) The son of Cuban-American immigrants, Proenza had an international upbringing (Washington, D.C.; San Jose, Costa Rica; Rome, Italy; Miami, Fl).

Jason Cuadrado, Filmmaker

Jason Cuadrado is an award-winning writer and filmmaker who has worked in independent film and new media for the last fifteen years. Currently, he is preparing to shoot the film Dark Desert Highway with Esperanza Productions, and developing a horror anthology series for television. Previously, he directed television in New York City and worked with John Leguizamo's production company, Lower East Side Films. Later, he relocated to Los Angeles where he wrote and directed the critically acclaimed feature Tales from the Dead, the first Japanese horror film shot in the United States.

He was the writer and director of his award-winning short Monstrous Nature.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"MIEDO (fear): The Business of Horror." April 9, 2010

Dear LATIN HORRORphiles:

We just wanted to inform you that we have a tentative date for our forthcoming horror industry panel "MIEDO (fear): The Business of Horror." The panel is set to take place on FRIDAY, APRIL 9th during NALIP's 11th annual filmmaker conference @ Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in sunny California. Y
ES, for our friends and fans on the west coast: We're coming out to meet and greet you!

While the panel is still in formation, we guarantee that it will be populated with some of the industry's leading creative entrepreneurs and filmmakers working within niche horror markets. Aside from our e-blasts, the following link will be your direct source of information to this horrific event! Save the date, and stay tuned for more details coming shortly

"There will be SANGRE!"

Edwin Pagán